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Cleaning And Checkups Richmond, VA

With regular cleaning and checkups, most patients can avoid invasive dental treatments. Keeping your teeth clean and detecting issues early with general dentistry is key to long-lasting oral health. We will always provide you with a full checkup and a comprehensive oral hygiene and care plan. Together, we can combat decay and address cavities before more serious issues have time to take root.

Your dental hygienist is one member of Dr. Midgette’s team who will be taking care of you during your checkup. While the focus of the checkup is to ensure your teeth are clean and you have no dental issues, we also want to make your dental treatments much more affordable. We achieve this goal by scheduling regular checkups, which will help you avoid have more expensive treatments due to delayed detection.

Comprehensive Dental Exams Richmond, VA

As part of our commitment to providing our patients with dental excellence, each checkup involves a comprehensive exam. This type of exam goes into more detail by using advanced techniques and technologies. The results of the comprehensive exam paint a much clearer picture of what is going on in your mouth. With this level of detail, we can determine if there are any underlying issues which would otherwise go undetected.

Again, by performing a more comprehensive dental exam, you could see savings on your dental treatments. A comprehensive dental exam is also ideal for families, as many dental issues experienced by children often do not show symptoms until the child is in extreme pain.

To get the best results from your dentist, arrange a comprehensive dental exam with Dr. Midgette. We can provide you with cleanings, checkups and a focused oral health plan to keep your teeth in good shape.

Contact Midgette Dentistry for more information on what’s involved in our comprehensive dental exam and how we can improve the oral health of you and your family.