Clumsy Lately?

Richmond VA DentistYou’ve fallen yet again! That slip on the sidewalk was a total pain, and was anyone watching? And that curb, you never noticed it before. That trip was totally surprising. So awkward.

Do you feel like you’re a total klutz lately? Somehow you’ve earned the nickname “Clumsy.” If this is you, you may have experienced a cracked tooth during one of those encounters when your face met the sidewalk. Your tooth exclaimed, “It’s NOT nice to meet you!”

A cracked or broken tooth is painful for many reasons:

  • At times, a cracked or chipped tooth may cause you pain. If a tooth breaks off it can create a sharp area that can aggravate your tongue. If your damaged tooth exposes nerve endings in your dentin, you will be sensitive to air, hot or cold.
  • If your chipped or cracked tooth is in the front of your mouth, it can be painful to endure your compromised smile. Figuring out ways to hide your smile can be difficult.

In the event that one or several of your teeth are compromised, it’s important to seek dental advice from an expert on repairs to cracked or broken teeth like Gardner & Swanner, DDS. He will determine if your tooth is cracked, broken, or chipped and advise you on the next steps that are necessary to ensure that your tooth is being properly cared for.

Call Gardner & Swanner, DDS if you have a damaged tooth due to your own clumsiness or any other reason that has compromised the full health of your teeth.

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