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Dental Crowns Richmond, VA

Dental crowns are dental treatment that are typically used as protection for a tooth which has been damaged. However, dental crowns can also act as an anchor for dental bridges. When you have dental crowns installed, the damaged tooth is strengthened and much of the function is restored.

A dental crown will also completely cover a discolored tooth, which makes it a more suitable alternative to dental bonding for many patients. Like cosmetic dental bonding, crowns are color matched so that they blend in with the natural teeth and improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Restore Cracked or Damaged Teeth Richmond, VA

When you have cracked or damaged teeth, eating and smiling becomes difficult. Damaged teeth are not conducive to good oral health. With the protective layer of the tooth destroyed, your teeth are at higher risk of suffering from decay or infection. Dr. Midgette will assess your needs and if you are a good candidate for dental crowns, we can arrange an appointment for you to have treatment carried out.

Dental Inlays and Onlays Richmond, VA

Each of your teeth has what is known as “cusps.” The cusps are the biting surfaces of the teeth, which act as the first line of defense for the teeth when eating. Dental inlays and onlays each deal with separate areas of the cusps. If there is spacing between the cusps of the teeth, dental inlays are often the best option for correcting the issue. However, if the cusps need a protective covering, onlays are the better option.

Dr. Midgette’s main focus is ensuring you receive the treatment which is most beneficial. Where certain treatments such as crowns present the possibility of causing further unnecessary damage, our dentists may opt for inlays and onlays to preserve the tooth.

Contact our office or call to speak to your friendly representative at the practice of Midgette Dentistry to set up an appointment. We will use a comprehensive exam to assess your needs and decide on the best course of treatment.