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Custom Dental Night Guards Richmond, VA

Teeth grinding is a condition which often goes unnoticed until the affected teeth become damaged. Most people who grind their teeth do so while sleeping, which means they may not know they are doing it. If grinding is severe, the teeth will begin to wear down, crack or break. The condition, known as Bruxism, can develop due to either physical or psychological issues. No matter the cause, there is a general dental treatment that will help protect teeth from the damaging effects of grinding.

A custom nightguard is one of the most common and effective methods of protecting the teeth during the night. While some pharmacies can provide over-the-counter nightguards, they are “one size fits all” and may cause issues for the wearer. When you receive a nightguard from Midgette Dentistry, the device is created from a mold of your own teeth. Therefore, the nightguard fits comfortably and will not impede your ability to sleep.

Causes of Grinding or Clenching Teeth

Where the teeth are the cause of grinding or clenching, the condition is usually a result of either an abnormal bite, irregularly shaped teeth or a crowded mouth. While a nightguard will help prevent damage, these causal issues are treatable. By treating the physical cause of your teeth grinding, we can eliminate the problem completely.

When there is no apparent issue with the physical teeth, the cause is likely psychological. Conditions such as anxiety, stress or sleep apnea are often the root cause of grinding or clenching the teeth. At the practice of Midgette Dentistry, our team has the expertise and experience to identify many psychological contributors to teeth grinding. When we identify a possible psychological factor, we can refer you for additional treatment with a qualified medical professional.

Do not allow teeth grinding to destroy your smile. Midgette Dentistry can provide you with a nightguard for Bruxism, and assess you to get to the underlying cause of the issue. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.