Your Dog’s Fascination With Your Saliva

Richmond VA Invisalign Aligners ProviderWe just celebrated National Pet day. Did you post a picture of your pooch on social media? Isn’t it fun scrolling through the pictures of all of the cute pets that belong to your friends? Are you an indoor or outdoor pet person? Are you a dog or cat lover, or both? Do you prefer big or small pets, or even ones that say “cluck cluck?” It’s undeniable that pets bring so much joy to our lives.

We all know that behind all of those cute pet posts that we see there’s a story or two. That particular pet may have destroyed your garden bed, favorite shoes, or went for a run far far away from you. When your pet gets mischievous it can make you so angry. How is it that we all love something that can cause so much damage? It’s probably because pets continually show their owners unconditional love, so we possibly feel indebted to return the love!

One piece of trouble we’d like to help your pet from getting into relates to your mouthpieces such as Invisalign and mouth guards. Invisalign are clear aligner trays worn in your mouth to help correct crooked or misaligned teeth. A custom night guard is worn in your mouth at night to help prevent damage you may do to your teeth unknowingly while you sleep.

Both mouthpieces are a dog’s fascination. For some strange reason your dog is highly attracted to your saliva. They will sniff out your mouthpieces and use them as a chew toy.

Gardner & Swanner would like to remind you to store your trays and guards in the proper protective container when they are not in your mouth. Keep them out of reach of your dog. Call our offices today to find out more about our Invisalign and custom night guards, and how they can help you.

Posted on behalf of Gardner & Swanner