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Emergency Dentistry Richmond, VA

Dental care is not always available when it is most needed – in an emergency. Dr. Midgette does not expect patients to suffer in silence until an appointment becomes available. While we are a very busy practice, we will always endeavor to provide emergency dentistry for our patients. As part of that commitment, we encourage our patients to contact us in times of crisis. Regardless of previous scheduling conflicts, you can reach out to Midgette Dentistry for emergency dental support.

Contact our offices to find out if we can see you on short notice. When you come to Midgette Dentistry with an emergency, you will not be treated any differently than you would if it was a scheduled appointment. Midgette Dentistry’s main objective is to provide you with only the highest level of dental care available in Richmond, VA. We will guide you through each stage of the process, from your first contact until you leave the dentist’s chair.