Facial Harmony

Richmond VA Restorative Dental TreatmentsHarmony is a beautiful thing. It describes anything that promotes agreement, accord, peace and a beautiful balance. Harmony can describe a relationship when two people are together and don’t fight. It can also be heard in music when musical notes are played and produce a symphony of sounds. Harmony can be found in nature as well as humans, plants and organisms live together in a beautiful balance and cycle of life.

Harmony often runs the risk of being thrown off when one part does not play its proper role or is damaged or missing. Facial harmony is a beautiful thing as well. Your mouth and smile are one place where harmony can be displayed. The symmetry of your teeth provides a peaceful and harmonious appearance.

If you are missing a tooth in your smile landscape it can throw off the harmonious balance of your face and smile. Not only will your smile suffer when a tooth is missing, but you ability to chew is thrown off balance as well.

Dental implants are one way to restore facial harmony to your smile. Implants are titanium tooth roots designed to support teeth in the bone. The American Dental Association endorses dental implant therapy to replace missing teeth.

If you have a dental implant and it is compromised in any way, Gardner & Swanner can repair your implants to restore them. We can create a new dental crown to fit the abutment on the implant post to replace a cracked, chipped or missing crown.

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Call and book your dental implant restoration appointment at Gardner & Swanner General and Cosmetic Dentistry today. We will help restore your facial harmony and symmetry that makes for your beautiful smile.

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