Fix Your Chipped Tooth, Boost Your Smile in Richmond, VA

With a set of naturally white teeth, well-aligned bite, and healthy gums, your smile is not far from perfect – but it could have been better if you let our local dentists in richmond, va at Gardner & Midgette repair that one chipped tooth in your upper teeth. Whatever is the cause of this damage in your pearly white, we have restorative and cosmetic dental services waiting for you in our clinic.

Treatments For Chipped Tooth

Here are the procedures commonly performed by our dentist to mend the chipped tooth of patients:

Porcelain Veneers

This cosmetic dentistry treatment is very popular nowadays. Its benefits and unique features convinced a lot of people to enhance their smile using the said prostheses. Since it is made from porcelain, patients are sure to enjoy a long-lasting dental restoration. Porcelain veneers are also known for their inability to absorb stains. So if you are planning to consider veneer for your chipped tooth, you don’t have to worry about getting it easily damaged or discolored.

Dental Bonding

Another treatment for a chipped tooth is dental bonding. During the procedure, the dentist usually uses a resin material with colors similar to the natural teeth. This solution is bonded on the chip to bring back its aesthetic and halt it from further damage. However, dental bonding is only ideal for small chips. If the injury in your tooth is quite large, you might need another alternative to have it fixed.


If you happen to chip the chewing surface of your tooth, it is highly possible for you to feel pain or sensitivity when eating. Dental crowns can be an excellent solution for chips and cracks that are severe. They are cap-like prostheses fitted over the entire affected teeth. You might find a dental crown to be very similar to a veneer. The only difference is that the latter option can only conceal the front portion of the tooth.

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Benefits Of Repairing A Chipped Tooth

Are you thinking of having your chipped tooth treated by the dentist? You’re on the right track! Here are things that you can take advantage after receiving chipped tooth repair.

  • An enhanced smile
  • Regained confidence and self-esteem
  • Better overall oral health
  • A more comfortable eating experience

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Chipped tooth? No problem! We at Gardner & Midgette provide Chipped Tooth Repair in Richmond, VA. Feel free to visit us in our office. We are located at 8133 Forest Hill Ave. Suite 201, Richmond, VA 23235.