How “Getting A Grip” Could Be Causing Your Jaw Pain

Richmond VA Dentist That Treats TMJHave you ever heard the term, “get a grip?” Typically this refers to taking hold of something and controlling the situation. It also means to keep or restore your self-control. While this is legitimate advice, the figurative statement can actually translate to literal physical pain and suffering.

When we are stressed, or feeling out of control, we often subconsciously hold our breath. We do this when faced with physical challenges such a striking a tennis ball correctly to lifting a challenging weight. An effective method for successfully executing these movements is to consciously breathe through the movement. It works, try it!

Challenges that we face each day related to emotions, relationships and stressful situations also tend to make us hold our breath unknowingly. Have you ever noticed when you are entering a new social setting or work environment, you can suddenly feel dizzy or light-headed? This is often due to the fact that you’re holding your breath and not even realizing that you’re doing it.

Holding your breath when faced with stress can have a harmful effect on your body. Your jaw is one place that you can tend to grip, clench or hold due to stress. While this may not harm you if you only do it every once in awhile, a habit of holding your breath and tightening your jaw can cause long-term damages such as TMJ. You can read more about TMJ here.

If you’re suffering from jaw or facial pain, you may have something called TMJ. Call Gardner & Swanner’s dental office today to schedule your appointment to see if your stress could be causing your jaw pain.

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