If You Fall Asleep Before You Brush

It’s late at night. You’ve had a long day at work. You’re exhausted and can hardly make it off the couch to get into your bed. You finally reach your bed and fall face first into your pillow….and you’re out for the night.

Has this scenario (or one similar) ever happened to you? It’s common for exhaustion to trump the necessary habits and routines before you go to bed. One such habit that you really need to perform (even if you’re totally exhausted) is to brush your teeth for a second time during your day. Have you ever wondered what happens….

If you fall asleep before you brush?

  • Plaque begins to harden and calcify on your teeth.
  • When your plaque calcifies, it’s almost impossible to brush or floss it away.
  • Your gums begin to see your plaque buildup and they think its an infection.
  • Your immune system begins to attack the infection.
  • Your body begins to destroy the good tissues that are the anchor for your teeth, and your gums will begin to pull away from your tooth.
  • When all of this is going on long term it can cause a great deal of damage.

Your entire dental health will not deteriorate if you skip one night of brushing. You WILL experience terrible smelling breath in the morning and feel like you have fuzzy stuff growing in your mouth, but your dental health will not be destroyed. However, if you make it a habit of skipping brushing you will risk your dental health.

Gardner & Swanner would like to remind you that it doesn’t matter exactly when you brush your teeth (such as right before bed), but it is important to brush two times a day. If you do suffer from gum disease, cavities or any other problems in your mouth book your appointment with us today. Gardner & Swanner, DDS offers gum disease treatment and many other dental services that will keep your mouth healthy and clean.

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