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Dental Implant Restorations Richmond, VA

Although dental implants are a long-lasting restorative dentistry treatment for replacing missing teeth, you may experience issues with your implants on occasion. These things happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence. We provide dental implant restorations for patients, where your needs are in the capable hands of Dr. Midgette. If your tooth or implant has moved, become loose or is causing you pain, we can bring you in for an appointment and restore your implant.

We are one of the most experienced dental implant specialists in the United States. With access to advanced imaging technology, our dentists are able to quickly establish the cause of issues with dental implants and provide treatment to correct any problems. We are confident that we can fully restore your dental implant in the vast majority of cases.

Implant Repairs Richmond, VA

Just like your natural teeth, dental implants can become damaged. Whether it is the implant or the attached tooth that is damaged, Dr. Midgette will attempt to carry out any necessary repairs. When it comes to dental implant repairs, you will want to trust your implant to an experienced dentist. We have decades of experience in the area of dental implants and associated repairs. Our dentists will quickly assess your needs and carry out repairs effectively and with minimal disruption to your life.

To avoid any problems with dental implants that our dentists have installed, we will schedule you for periodic checkups. During your checkups you will undergo a comprehensive assessment of all previous dental work, helping to ensure that every treatment you receive from our dentists is long-lasting and fit for purpose.

The minute you notice a problem with your dental implant, contact Midgette Dentistry right away. It is important to have repairs carried out early, as further damage may occur if treatment is delayed.