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Being told about needing a root canal therapy can make a patient feel scared. It is because of the common understanding that many people share – a root canal procedure is extremely painful. The truth is, with the continuous advancements in technology, dental care services are now more pleasant than ever.

Our local dentists in richmond, va at Gardner & Midgette, we want our patients to take advantage of the dental care services we offer for their oral wellness. However, there are those who are discouraged about considering a particular procedure due to little to no information about it. Since “knowledge is power,” we prepared a list of the common questions most people have about root canal therapy and answers them on your behalf.


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What is a root canal?

It is the hollow portion of a tooth that extends to the roots. A root canal is also the shortened term dentists use for the treatment that preserves a tooth after being infected. Instead of having the tooth extracted, like in the past, the procedure will only get rid of the dead tissues and leave the structure intact.

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What are the signs that indicate the need for the treatment?

  • A recurring pimple found on the gums
  • A tooth that seems to have darkened
  • Teeth sensitivity that lasts after the intake of hot or cold substances
  • The pain felt when chewing or if pressure is applied
  • Swelling or tenderness of the surrounding gums

Why is a root canal therapy needed?

An infection on a tooth may spread to other structures over time if appropriate measures are not taken. For instance, tooth loss is more likely the result since the only alternative of a root canal therapy is having deceased teeth extracted.

Is the pulp essential?

The pulp lies at the center of a tooth which consists of blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves. It is essential to oral health when the teeth are still developing under the gums. Once the teeth have fully erupted, its remaining function is sensory to help patients react to the teeth’s exposure to hot and cold. Patients are assured that its removal would not affect the tooth’s function.

Is root canal painful?

Believe it or not, the discomfort felt during the treatment is often compared to be the same as the application of dental fillings. Local anesthetics or sedatives can be administered to guarantee the patient’s comfort throughout the process. Remember that the procedure aims to alleviate pain and not cause it. Patients are assured to be free from the discomfort of toothaches once they undergo a root canal therapy.

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