Can Mouth Bacteria Cause Systemic Infections? – Richmond, VA

Many people are terrified of bacteria, but who can blame them? These are known to be culprits of several complications that can affect not only a person’s physical health but oral condition as well. Did you know that millions or even billions of bacteria live in the mouth? That sounds scary indeed!

Surprisingly, not all bacteria are bad; some are even healthy for the mouth and body. Good bacteria can help in keeping the harmful ones at bay, aid with digestion, reduce the risk of complications, and more. However, it is best to get rid of the harmful bacteria to keep the teeth and the other oral structures in good condition.

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People may think that bacteria in the mouth can only cause oral complications, but this is not always true. There were studies conducted that suggest the link of dental health to some systemic conditions. In fact, there is this one event that occurred during a basketball match a few years back exposing the extent of what oral bacteria can do.

A game between the Golden State Warriors and New York Knicks almost cost the career of one player named David Lee. Lee collided with Wilson Chandler during the game resulting to a lost tooth and an injured elbow. While Chandler, who lost a tooth, seemed to be the one who got it worse, it is Lee who almost lost his basketball career. A piece of tooth punctured Lee’s elbow and caused an infection. The injury almost resulted in the removal of his triceps muscles! According to the doctors, if they didn’t find the right antibiotics that could counter the infection, certain things will be removed out of his arm.

It might not be a regular occurrence, but this only proves to show that proper oral hygiene should be performed at all times to keep bacteria from harming the mouth. Thankfully, Gardner & Swanner understand the benefits of having a clean, healthy mouth. They offer Cleaning and Checkups which are essential for the proper maintenance and care of the overall dental health.

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