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Oral Cancer Screening Richmond, VA

Oral cancer screenings are an important part of Midgette Dentistry’s practice. We value our patients and their families, so we want to make sure you stay healthy for many years to come. One of the best ways we can achieve this goal is through the use of oral cancer screening as part of our general dental treatments. Oral cancers are common killers. However, when detected early, survival rates among oral cancer sufferers increase significantly.

The high mortality rate associated with oral cancers is due to symptoms going undetected or unrecognized. By the time the sufferer realizes there is an issue, it is often too late for treatment to have a life-saving effect. Through our comprehensive dental exams, we screen for oral cancers to help give our patients the earliest possible warning so they can get the treatment they need.

Identify Mouth Cancer Early

Mouth and throat cancer screening is not standard practice in every dental practice. However, Dr. Midgette wants to give our patients the best chance of recovery. We carry out oral cancer screening in a manner which provides our patients with time to seek treatment. In order for treatment to save lives, early detection is a crucial factor. We aim to provide oral cancer screenings based on a timeline which will allow us to identify mouth cancer at the earliest stage possible.

Symptoms of mouth cancer often present similar to otherwise benign conditions, such as what appear to be mouth ulcers or slight discoloring of tissues. Unless the sufferer is particularly concerned about seemingly harmless oral abnormalities, he or she is not likely to consider visiting the dentist. That is why it is our job to make oral cancer screening a normal part of our checkup process.

If you would like to know more about the symptoms and causes of oral cancers, or would like to book a screening, please do not delay in contacting our dental team at the practice of Midgette Dentistry. A single screening could end up saving your life.