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Orthodontics Richmond, VA

Orthodontics is typically associated with metal braces, either for the teeth or jaws, to change the alignment of teeth or function of the jaw. However, there is much more to orthodontics than correctional dental devices. Orthodontics is its own branch of dental care services. From a practical point of view, orthodontics deals with a range of treatments and mechanisms which improve the function of the mouth as a whole.

So, what does that mean for patients? Many of the dental issues that patients face are due to abnormal movements or shape of the teeth and jaws. The traditional devices, such as braces or headgear that most people are familiar with, are designed to correct those issues which affect the function of the mouth. For many patients, these highly visible devices are a necessary evil. However, from the orthodontist’s perspective, there is a much larger picture at play.

The focus of the orthodontist is on the face and how it functions in relation to the teeth and jaws. Therefore, it is necessary to provide solutions which take every relevant mechanism into account. When it comes to the teeth, there are many standalone orthodontic treatments which offer less visible means of correcting problems with functionality.

Orthodontic Dental Treatment Richmond, VA

The most common form of orthodontic dental treatment is the use of aligners. The purpose of aligners such as braces is to correct crooked or crowded teeth, which in turn improves the bite. While metal braces are the more traditional method for addressing these issues, clear aligners have become increasingly popular in recent years. Midgette Dentistry is a certified provider of Invisalign, which provides patients with an aligning solution that is practically invisible.

If you feel you would benefit from Invisalign, there is no better dentist to meet your needs than Midgette Dentistry. Orthodontic treatment may be the solution to your needs, so contact us today and ask about Invisalign.