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Porcelain Veneers Richmond, VA

This once expensive cosmetic dental treatment is now available to the masses at a greatly reduced cost. You can completely change the appearance of your teeth, allowing you to once again confidently show your smile. For teeth that have lost their luster, porcelain veneers make all the difference. This tooth-colored material is custom made for each patient and mimics the appearance of teeth right down to the natural grooves and ridges.

There is very little preparation required for porcelain veneers. Only a small surface area of each tooth is removed before the veneers are put in place. Contrary to popular belief, you will not have to spend countless hours in the dentist’s chair. The number of appointments you will need is dictated by how many teeth require veneers. For many patients, having veneers added to only the most visible teeth is enough to completely reshape the smile.

Cosmetic Dental Veneers Richmond, VA

Dental veneers are a cosmetic treatment, which means they are not designed to restore function to the teeth. However, that is not to say that modern veneers are not long lasting. An experienced cosmetic dentist will perfectly fit your dental veneers so they will last for many years before needing to be replaced. Given the relatively low cost of this cosmetic treatment, dental veneers are well worth consideration as an option for improving your teeth.

Even if you feel that some of your teeth have suffered too much damage to make dental veneers a viable option, do not lose hope. Dr. Midgette is also exceptionally talented restorative dentists, so we are sure they will have a viable solution for your needs. We may be able to offer you dental veneers in combination with other suitable treatments to restore your teeth and smile.

Dr. Midgette can guide you through all the available options as part of a comprehensive exam. Contact Midgette Dentistry today to make an appointment and find out if dental veneers are the right choice for you.