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Children’s Dentistry Richmond, VA

As a family-focused dentist, we are always glad to welcome more kids to our practice. Many of our younger patients are now grown, so Midgette Dentistry looks forward to helping a whole new generation achieve better oral health with our dental care services. Our friendly team knows how to keep children happy during dental visits, so they grow up seeing going to the dentist as a positive and beneficial experience. As a result, your kids will experience healthy teeth and gums throughout their lifetime.

A large part of our focus for our younger patients is on education. The practice of Midgette Dentistry has a wealth of knowledge on beneficial dental and oral hygiene habits. To make your job as a parent easier, we are committed to convenient family scheduling. You can book your appointments in blocks, making visiting the dentist a shared family affair.

We Love Your Kids!

Did we mention that we love kids? We get to see entire generations growing up in our practice, enjoying great oral health along the way. While our team is made up of expert dental professionals, we are still just kids at heart. At Midgette Dentistry, the focus is on education through fun and play. We will always send your kids home with new fun facts which use creative ways to help them understand the importance of looking after their teeth.

When you see our dentists’s unique way of making kids feel at ease when in the dentist’s chair, you will know you have made the right choice in choosing us as your provider. Midgette Dentistry has over 40 years’ experience in successfully helping families achieve great oral health.

Get your entire family scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Midgette. Contact us for a family block appointment in Richmond, VA.