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Sleep Apnea Treatment Richmond, VA

Although sleep apnea is a fairly common condition, many sufferers will not even know they have it. The condition causes the throat to narrow during sleep, which results in a disruption in breathing. Some of the typical symptoms of sleep apnea are loud snoring, teeth grinding and choking while sleeping. In severe cases, the sufferer may stop breathing for a few seconds periodically throughout sleep.

There are a number of causes for sleep apnea, most of which arise from issues coming from the throat or mouth. Therefore, our dentist is in the ideal position to identify and recommend treatment for the condition. Many anti-snoring or breathing aid devices are designed to address sleep apnea, so that is one of the main general dental treatments that Dr. Midgette would explore.

Relief from Snoring and Teeth Grinding 

Snoring and teeth grinding affect not only the sufferer but partners and spouses, too. Gaining relief from snoring and teeth grinding will benefit both you and your significant other, allowing you both to finally sleep comfortably at night. A nightguard can help with grinding; however, we may recommend alternative medical devices for heavy snorers or sufferers of sleep apnea.

Before recommending or carrying out treatment, Dr. Midgette will perform a comprehensive exam. This will help us determine the root cause of the problem. The aim of this is to offer you treatment to eliminate the issue, where possible.

Snore Guard Anti-Snoring Device

A snore guard anti-snoring device is an option which works for many people who snore heavily during the night. This device helps regulate normal breathing patterns while you sleep, which eliminates the mechanisms that cause snoring. Using a snore guard anti-snoring device in combination with changes to your diet, and surgeries to repair any abnormalities contributing to your snoring, can provide permanent relief.

If you want to get to the bottom of your sleep-related issues, contact Midgette Dentistry today to schedule a comprehensive exam. We want to help you – and your partner – finally get a peaceful night’s sleep.