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Dental Technology

The importance of technology in modern dentistry cannot be overstated. When you combine revolutionary technology with Gardner & Midgette’s 40-plus years of experience, the result is the best dental treatment available. Many dental practices are not prepared to invest in newer technologies due to the additional costs of the equipment and training. However, Drs. Midgette and Alice have the expertise and foresight to recognize the benefits of incorporating technology into the treatment options we offer our patients.

Technology advances have completely changed patient treatment options in dentistry. In the past, dentists were limited when it came to the early diagnosis of dental issues until the condition visibly presented. Many dentists relied on experience in order to recognize dental problems hiding under the surface. Scanning technology, in particular, has made detecting dental issues easier and much more comfortable for the patient.

iTero Intraoral Scanner

One of the leading technologies in identifying early dental problems is the iTero Intraoral Scanner. This revolutionary technology delivers precision imaging which Gardner & Midgette can use to create both preventative and restorative dental treatment plans. Standard x-rays will fail to pick up a number of issues, as the limited color spectrum will often hide trouble spots. With the iTero Intraoral Scanner, that problem is largely eliminated.

Our dentists can also use the iTero Intraoral Scanner to allow patients to see the results of Invisalign treatment. For longer-spanning treatments like Invisalign, the ability to show patients such detailed results is an extremely helpful aid to treatment.

If you are seeking a dentist who incorporates only the latest advances in dental technology, contact the offices of Gardner & Midgette. We are ready to help you take your dental care to entirely new levels. Contact us today and we can book your appointment so you can see for yourself the differences that technology can make to your overall oral health.