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Teeth Whitening Richmond, VA

Sometimes the simplest treatments produce extraordinary results. If you have otherwise healthy teeth, there is no reason to have extensive dental treatments carried out. One of the most effective cosmetic treatments for healthy teeth is teeth whitening. When your teeth are discolored, it can be the result of smoking or diet. Discolored teeth do not necessarily mean that the teeth have been physically damaged.

Dr. Midgette will always recommend the most suitable treatments for your needs. In many cases, we will promote teeth whitening treatments to restore your smile to a more natural state. Teeth whitening covers a number of treatment options, some of which are carried out in office and some of which are carried out at home.

What is teeth whitening?

Often confused with dental cleaning, teeth whitening covers a group of treatments which usually involve a whitening solution such as bleaching. The purpose of teeth whitening is to lighten the color of the teeth over the course of the treatment. You can buy teeth whitening systems over the counter. However, we do not recommend using over-the-counter systems without first consulting with Dr. Midgette.

If your teeth are damaged, using certain teeth whitening products can cause further, irreversible damage. Considering that there are safer ways to restore color to your teeth, it really isn’t worth risking your oral health. Dr. Midgette can carry out a risk assessment before providing teeth whitening treatment. We can also provide follow-up care and track your progress towards whiter teeth. To get the best results, only use the services of a professional cosmetic dentist.

If you would like teeth whitening treatment but aren’t sure whether it is safe for you, contact Midgette Dentistry to discuss your options. It only takes a single appointment to carry out a comprehensive exam and provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice for you.