The Symmetry Of Spring

Richmond VA Dentist OfficeHappy Spring to you! Isn’t it a glorious season of the year? It’s a time of new growth. Your eyes get filled with all of the beautiful new colors bursting forth in floral majesty. Your nose begins to smell the scents of new life and fresh cut grass. You can begin storing away your winter coats and gear, and trade them in for flip-flops and shorts. Spring is a beautiful time of year, especially in Virginia. We live in a gorgeous state that offers the best of spring.

The cycle of seasons provide the perfect balance in nature. Nature offers all that we need in each season. Spring offers us reminders of new life and balance through nature. The buds that burst forth are perfectly formed with leaves that can be folded in half and are a perfect mirror image of the other half. The symmetry of each leaf and bud are a gift nature gives us to enjoy.

As nature displays its symmetric glory, do you crave that symmetrical look or feel in your mouth? Are your teeth possibly feeling misaligned? Are you missing a tooth in your mouth that prevents your from a symmetrical smile or balance in your chewing?

If you’re craving a balanced appearance or feel in your mouth, consider calling Gardner & Swanner to discover all of the ways you can achieve symmetry in your mouth and smile. We offer a service to straighten your teeth called Invisalign. We also can replace your missing teeth with the innovative dental implant options.

Posted on behalf of Gardner & Swanner