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TMJ And TMD Treatment Richmond, VA

If you are experiencing pain in your jaw or face, you may be suffering from a TMJ/TMD condition. These conditions arise from problems with the muscles supporting the jaw, or the joints of the jaw. The pain can make eating normally difficult or uncomfortable. Speaking also becomes difficult when the jaw becomes painful or stiff.

Weakness of the muscles, a misaligned jaw or grinding the teeth during sleep can cause TMJ and TMD conditions. Treating the condition with general dentistry will involve a comprehensive exam to determine the likely cause of the condition. Once the probable cause has been determined, Dr. Midgette will carry out any necessary treatments.

In some cases, treatment may simply consist of exercises to help strengthen the jaw. However, in severe cases, you may need surgery to correct issues with jaw alignment. With the level of scanning technology that we use, you can rely on Dr. Midgette to provide you with the best assessment of your needs.

Jaw Pain, Facial Pain Relief!

Jaw and face pain are not pleasant and can really affect the sufferer’s day-to-day life. If you speak a lot as part of your job, jaw pain will make it difficult or impossible to carry out your duties. The pain will only become worse with time, so it is important to seek help from Dr. Midgette. With our advanced scanning technology, we can use precision imaging of the muscles and jaw to understand what is causing your jaw pain.

Dr. Midgette can offer you a number of options for reducing or eliminating jaw pain. For some much-needed relief, contact Midgette Dentistry today to make an appointment so that we can get to the bottom of the issue. We have the tools and experience necessary to provide you with the best treatment anywhere in Richmond, VA.