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Tooth Extractions Richmond, VA

We can carry out tooth extractions when needed. If a tooth has become unviable for any reason, it is usually best to remove the tooth. Leaving a tooth in place in many cases can result in more problems developing. At the practice of Midgette Dentistry, we believe in carrying out a full assessment of the damaged tooth before deciding on the best course of action for each patient.

If it is feasible to save the tooth with general dentistry and without the risk of further problems arising, we will explore other options. However, we do not think that our patients should have to go through unnecessary treatments and sometimes extraction is the only option. Dr. Midgette will discuss the full implications of a tooth extraction with you, as well as any recommendations for restorative treatments.

Some of the common reasons for a necessary tooth extraction include severely damaged or decayed teeth, a tooth which is blocking a new tooth from coming through, and bone damage resulting from severe cases of gum disease.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Richmond, VA

Dr. Midgette can also perform wisdom tooth removals for some patients. This treatment is only offered as an option where removing the wisdom tooth is a straightforward procedure. For most patients, a referral is needed. In the case of referral, the wisdom tooth is removed in a surgical setting. Midgette Dentistry uses high-tech scanning tools to determine each individual patient’s needs, so you will not have to worry about going through any unnecessary treatments before being eventually referred.

To assess your needs and settle on the best extraction options for you, Dr. Midgette will bring you in for an initial comprehensive exam. To arrange an appointment, contact Midgette Dentistry today. Our scheduling system is family friendly, so we are sure we can fit you in at the most convenient time for you.