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Tooth Pain Relief Richmond, VA

Severe tooth pain can really ruin a person’s day. You cannot eat, speak or even concentrate with the pain. Painkillers may offer temporary relief but they will not address the cause of the tooth pain. In many instances, you may experience temporary tooth pain, which goes away on its own after a few days. However, this type of tooth pain is often an indication that there is a more serious issue lurking below the surface. Often the tooth pain will return, only the second time it is much worse.

Midgette Dentistry can provide general dentistry treatments for both temporary and permanent tooth pain relief. Even the smallest cavities can lead to issues which cause tooth pain. You will not always see that there is an underlying cause to your tooth pain, even though you can feel it. Dr. Midgette can carry out a comprehensive exam to determine exactly what is going on with your teeth.

Treatment for Jaw Pain Richmond, VA

Although not as common as typical tooth pain, we have had many patients in the past who have suffered from jaw pain. Conditions which affect the jaw can cause mild, moderate or severe pain. Jaw pain can also impact your ability to eat, drink or speak normally. Like tooth pain, ignoring the issue is not recommended.

There are a number of treatments for jaw pain, depending on what is causing the issue. Midgette Dentistry’s 40 years of experience make him your best choice for getting an accurate diagnosis. Once we get to the root of the problem, we can provide you with treatment and advice which will bring you relief from the constant jaw pain you are experiencing.

The practice of Midgette Dentistry specializes in tooth and jaw pain. Get some much-needed pain relief by contacting our practice today and booking an appointment.