Wisdom Teeth Removal in Richmond, VA: Recovery Tips

Discomfort is the number one reason why one tries to avoid the wisdom teeth removal procedure. The misconceptions about the treatment leave a feeling of fear and anxiety to those who are recommended to undergo such. Fortunately, Gardner & Midgette has skilled dentists whose aim is to deliver the best dental health to patients in a more comfortable manner. When it comes to the extraction of the wisdom tooth, we make sure that the tools and techniques that our team is using are appropriate, adequate, and reliable. Our dentists in richmond, va will also use local anesthesia to ensure that patients are at ease while having the procedure.

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General Dentistry

Although wisdom teeth removal may be associated with swelling and pain, you can always lessen them by following these tips that we at Gardner & Midgette listed:

Be a considerate eater

After the surgery, it is advised to have a specific diet which involves only the consumption of liquids. Eating solid foods must be done in a gradual way. You may try to begin with softer options like pudding for instance, but remember to stay away from those with spices.

Salt Water Rinse

One day after the surgery, prepare a mixture of salt and warm water. Use the solution as a mouth rinse for several times per day. You can also gargle your mouth with salt water after a meal. Doing so will not only eliminate food debris that might be stuck in the areas of the teeth, but it can promote healing to the affected site as well.

Take A Rest

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to do some strenuous works right after the procedure. You may take advantage of your recovery period by taking things slow and taking the time to relax. Make sure to use a pillow to keep your head elevated when lying.

Use Tea Bags

The dental professional usually provides a piece of gauze to be used by the patient to control bleeding after undergoing the procedure. But for the next 12 hours, consider switching the cloth with a moist tea bag. Tea leaves are known to minimize pain and aggravate clotting.

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Our dentist at Gardner & Midgette personally instructs patients about the things that they need to do to quicken the healing process.


Looking for a safe and pain-free procedure? Book an appointment with us! Gardner & Midgette have caring and dedicated staff to help you feel pleasant during your Wisdom Teeth Removal in Richmond, VA.